5 Reasons to Switch: Website Design That Works

We've been rolling out a new system over the past few months and Website Design That Works is our call to be excellent on the web. Our desire is to make being online simple and effective for our clients - especially in Ballito Durban and Umhlanga, since it's so close to home for us.

A Matching of Passions

Our vision however, is quite broader, as we aspire to see businesses succeed online. We're passionate about bringing value to companies seeking to be online and teaching and encouraging them to have effective online presence, a functional blogging strategy and the tactical distribution of their content to the proper social channels.

With that being said, here is my list of the 5 reasons to switch:

1) We Build on Islands of Strength

Our websites are extensions of your main branding - meaning they not only highlight what your objectives online are, but even further, they point back to an author or an entity. This creates credibility for your organsiation, whether it be a one man show or a corporate identity.

2) Purpose Driven Web Design

Your website should have a three point purpose - to attract customers, create members and lastly, to push qualified leads to your business. If these three factors aren't in concert with each other, your only have pieces of an effective website. We not only strive for this harmony, but also lead your content strategy towards success.

3) We Claim Responsibility

In our system, there is no "we/they" siege mentality. We rely on our clients for content and input - and we create safe parameters within their brand for them to work with.

We also take responsibility for making sure the website works; meaning it is achieving those three principles mentioned in the point above.

4) Active Management

Our dedication to service separates us from the rest. We're not here to love and leave you - we're here to create a long lasting solution for your online presence. We've removed all the stops and have made it easy for our clients to engage in their success online. We don't charge any call out fees, and we don't charge to update your website.

One flat monthly rate gains you access to analytics, advice and manamgement. That way you can run your business and trust that your site is in good hands.

5) Consulting & Training

Speaking of long lasting solutions, we love to empower business owners. We train and consult with our clients from Business Management to Marketing Strategies. Learn how to create organisational clarity and how to become better at capturing your target market, whether online or in your office. Contact us to set up a meeting - we'll have a coffee and explain all the details.

There you have it. Five simple reasons to switch to us (pun intended) and why we believe we're revolutionising Online Marketing. Comments or questions? We'd love to hear about your experiences with Online Marketing Companies - leave a comment below!