Website Design That Works: Cultivating From Your Logo Design

An interesting thing to consider - how relevant is your branding (and more specifically your logo design) to having excellent Website Design principles? What many people fail to consider is that it all matters. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if your website design does not point to the feel and look of your brand, it is costing you more than it is making you. Let's unpack why this is a crucial point.

Website Design By The Book

There are a few key points to discuss here. Firstly, there should be not only consistency in your content, but there should also be small reminders of your branding throughout the site. Website Designers take note here: if you're using colours that are inconsistent with the brand's colour pallette, then you are performing a disservice. The best bet is to work alongside the designer for the brand, or at least retrieve the brand book or brand guidelines to understand the logo and all its uses.

Every colour that appears, even if in a hover state, should be within range of the colours designated for the brand. If you want to go one step further in excellence, then just take a look at the typography and image styles of the brand. If they're inconsistent, well, they look like they don't belong - and they don't serve the site in any way.

While it may seem a bit too "restrictive", it is mere common sense when you look at the purpose of your website. If it isn't relaying a message or giving "impact" value to the brand, then what exactly is it doing? The answer may shock you. 

Purpose Driven Website Design

Kudos if you're still with me so far. Extra Kudos if you know whether your current site is built for purpose. Everyone else, listen up: If you're going to be online, then you need to plan to remain relevant. The Internet is full of others just like yourself - all looking to establish credibility and authority as thought leaders in their industry. Couple that with Google looking for the most relevant sources and connections and we've got a never-ending rat race for remaining in the lead. So if you scroll to the bottom of your website and the footer reads "copyright 2013" you've already lost some clout. If it reads any earlier, then you should call your webmaster. Like Now - take a break and call them. Seriously.

Another important note is to be sure that the Website is going to blend well with your social scheme. You'll need to understand the purpose behind social media and its value in pushing traffic to your website. If you do not have this clearly defined, then you'll need to chat with your webmaster again. Or maybe even chat with us - so we can assist.

The Advent of Social Search

With all of the changes happening with social media channels and indexing social activity, we have an advent of social search upon us. Returning are the days of 'it's who you know that matters'. Just as we spoke about Google looking for who can remain relevant, they're also looking for whom you are connected to so they can establish peer - sensitive content. I know - it just got ugly for everyone who ever said "ain't nobody got time for that Social Media!".

Don't panic - if you're with us, your website still remains as the focal point for your online efforts. What this really does is entrench the theory of content marketing and establishing organic, thoughtful and interpersonal connections with customers. This has been something the team at Switch Marketing has been nearly dogmatic about.

A great first step is to start segmenting your client base and distributing valuable content. Once you've got a purpose driven website, most other details fall into place. If you're not with us, then do something about that woeful condition.

Give our Website Design That Works campaign a look. We want to make online easier for you.