Website Design That Works: Leading Your Online Customers

The alternative title for this post could have been "Turning Your Online Customers into Leads" - but not only is that becoming increasingly difficult to understand, it is literally a second focus to what your website design should be like.

Before I am accused of marketing heresy, let's unpack this idea to make more sense of it. I'm sure you'll find what inside to be quite interesting.

Website Design from a Different View

Sometimes it takes a different vantage point to see the same picture differently. One thing we've learned as businesses and their cultures have grown and stabilised is that diversity is a key to success. Not only does diversity allow for unforeseen circumstances and opportunities to be readily identifiable, but it also allows the community voice to surface. It is crucial to understand all of these elements that directly and indirectly affect your business. In light of this, we are going to take a look at designing a website with a different focus - one that quickly identifies a marriage between who you are as a business and who your most loyal customers are.

The idea behind this vantage point is to get a clear understanding of your customers, especially the ones most loyal to your brand. Designing with them in mind allows you to narrow the focus of your online presence and clearly target them with valuable information straight from the start. In addition, it allows for those customers that don't really want what you're offering to quickly disengage and prevent them from becoming disappointed detractors and influencing other potential customers like a domino effect of negativity!

Listen and Lead Using Social Media

Your customers are using Social Media every day for a a variety of reasons, including talking about their frustrations and conquests. By identifying what type of personas interact with your brand and on which channels they use, you can learn impotent demographics that can help in targeting the right customers. For instance, if you know that your customers are mostly females, ages 32 - 40, with 2.5 kids and are stay at home moms, you may want to reconsider posting that recipe giveaway on LinkedIn. #Justsaying. It'd be better served on Facebook or even better on Pinterest.

By leading your buyers through a targeted and purposeful online campaign, you will reduce the noise, lower your attrition rate and increase sales along with your word of mouth value. It's like a chain reaction when you get the formulas right. Here's a shameless plug for our Website Design That Works campaign, which does exactly that - creates a home for your brand on the internet and weeds out all the unwanted noise to get a clear and focused target for your customers online.

Website Design Ballito: Growing Local Businesses

We have begun a local effort to see businesses in Ballito through to a new era of Online Presence. We believe that everyone should have a successful position online and that their Websites should work for them! We'd love to hear your story and be involved in growing your business online.

Feel free to post a comment below, or simply contact us to get started with getting the most out of your online efforts.

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