Sharing the Secret: What does Switch Marketing DO?!

Marketing That Matters

At the core of our business is the Golden Rule of Marketing, which is similar to the Golden Rule in Life: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". We show our appreciation to our customers through gifts for referrals, We work around our clients' schedules and we also offer website consulting for our clients at no extra charge. There isn't a company out there that wants you to succeed as much as we do. And here's how we help:

Website Design Services

It doesn't get much more obvious. Our clients know it as Website Design That Works, but you may know it better as "[Company X] has an awesome website, man they're clued up!"

You'll notice that we NEVER place our logo on our clients' website and we NEVER use our clients to leverage SEO by adding "mini directories" or fake pages to influence our brand's presence. 

Logo Design Services

If you've spent 30 seconds with us, you'll know we love to talk about excellent branding. In fact, it is our #1 concern. Your brand is your most important asset. We use a three phase process to ensure your logo is created to fully represent your unique vision. Then we proceed to teach you the tactics to ensure your brand not only remains consistent, but also increases in  value over time.

Brand Management | Marketing Consulting

We stand in the gap for companies that need an objective perspective to their marketing efforts. We ask the hard questions and we deal with solutions that address deeper issues within your business. 

Loyalty Metrics | Net Promoter Score

Finally, we bring it all together with one simple to understand metric that really tunes in to your word of mouth value. Quick, precise and valuable customer metrics can make a huge difference in your business. Protecting and leveraging your brand can create exponential growth. Using Net Promoter®, we handle the market research to show you precisely how loyal your customers are - and how much your disloyal customers cost you.

There you have it - it's no secret - that's what we do. If you feel you need any of these services, then contact us. We just love to talk about great marketing. We don't bite.