Website Design: How it Works

Website Design is More Than Looks

The late Steve Jobs put it quite simply:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

We're with you Steve - at Switch we've consistently gone back to the drawing board not only for our website design, but for that of many of our clients. We're just not happy with being complacent - which we found was the norm for most businesses we've encountered. So we set out to change that - and Website Design That Works has become our mantra.

You see, we also believe in design being fundamentally about How it Looks, How it Feels AND How it Works. This also proliferates into other areas of your brand, but specifically we were left baffled at the inconsistencies in website design for many businesses - not only in looks, but in feel and purpose.

There are a fair amount of questions to be asked - especially in an age where online content can be a deciding factor in losing business to a competitor.

More specifically - questions we like to ask are along the line of: 'Is your website harmonious with your brand identity?' and 'Is it achieving what it was created for?' and finally, 'Is your website designed to look, feel and function the way your business needs it to?' Sometimes we inadvertently complicate something without realising it - especially when we want it to satisfy our needs, not those of others. This leads me to another point:

Website Design is Simple

We can't stress this enough. There's nothing worse than confusing your clients with tons of bells and whistles. This isn't the early 2000's, where it was really cool to arrive at a glowing logo with fire blazing atop of it and website slideshows animating every 4 seconds. Today it is becoming more and more about relative content. Granted, visuals will always do wonders for your website, but it has to be the right visuals.

Being simple and concise will always win out the explosions and lightning. Remember, you have a limited amount of time a user spends on your site and an even more limited number of 'clicks' before people get frustrated and leave entirely. Great website design is leading and nurturing - and should be intent on satisfying the customers needs first.

So, in short there are just three things that matter when you're sorting out your home on the Interweb - How it looks, How it Feels and How it Works. And in this instance, keeping your website design simple can more often make more noise than if you put noise there in the first place.

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