Website Design vs Website Development

The world has changed so much in the last few years and so have the way we do things, unfortunately most have not changed much of their thinking on the subject.

When the Internet started getting popular everyone saw it as a tool for the bigger companies to create web sites and be online but with the recent surge in Social Media this has all changed.

In the past, to create a website was a very complicated process and you needed highly skilled people who came with a very high price tag. The world has evolved beyond this. Websites are becoming more and more popular and are even easier to create. However, with the advent SEO and blogs and Social Search, the emphasis has shifted to active management of these mediums.

This is where our thinking has gone wrong. We are still under the impression that creating a website is for highly skilled people. The truth is that it is fairly easy to create a website but it is difficult to maintain a website and make sure that it is achieving the results it should.

When Switch Marketing entered the Website Design industry we found that many people were charging exorbitant prices to create a website and leave the client to manage it monthly.

We decided that this pricing model didn't match the required need. We also decided it was time to offer something better. Our model begins with very low up front prices and we receive our payment over time. This ensures our vested interest in retaining our clients by offering them great service.

Something we have also encountered is that many people are paying high prices for websites that aren't designed really well. Steve Jobs said "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

We have modeled this in every website we have created. We look at design astatically and practically. How people interact with your website is vital to achieving the desired results.

For example:

The world is on a Mobile Website craze and are paying high prices again for their website to be mobile friendly. The problem with this is that most websites don't attract that many people from mobile phones. Research needs to be conducted before you waste money like this on your website. If you seek the right advice in this regard you will be saved a lot of money.

We once again found a solution to this problem by offering clients complete website design with a mobile website included in a base package.

We charge customers for our time and if it doesn't take us anymore time to create it, then why should we charge you?

Switch Marketing could make a mass of money off of their clients' ignorance, but it is at our core to do the right thing for the offer our clients the best advice in every situation.

If you want to work with a company that has your best marketing advice at heart, then send us an email.