Brand Identity: Your Most Important Asset

Having started Switch Marketing just under a year ago we have learnt many things about businesses and their views on marketing. The thing we come into contact with the most is Branding issues. For some reason, small and medium size business owners that have no idea about branding move on after creating a logo and assume it will sort itself out.

It's understandable that small and medium size businesses don't have the budget to do much marketing, but what must be understood is that your brand is your most important asset.

So: What is a brand?

Branding as a concept actually started in the cattle industry. People would prefer to buy meat if they knew who the farmer was and in order for them to recognise cattle they trusted, farmers would brand their meat. This became a sign of quality of the meat as people soon discovered who's cattle where the best looked after.

Lets transfer that idea to today. Your brand says something about who you are. Most small and medium size businesses however aren't using their brand to leverage this idea. Many businesses are using different logos, different signage and placing adverts that don't match their branding style.

You may think this is not important but what it says to people is that you don't deliver quality and you are confused. In marketing we call this "brand dissonance". This makes your potential clients confused and makes decision making harder.

If you are one of these people, then you are potentially wasting your money advertising. Rather, save your money and contact us to help you clarify your brand identity.