Big Five Business Questions: The 'Where'

Welcome back to another post about the five most important questions to answer  for your business. In this series, I've been comparing what I consider the top 5 questions (the five W's) one could ever ask about their business, to the Big 5 animals of South Africa. That's right SA - I went there.

To be truthful, I though I'd be stuck by now, especially when trying to match the Rhinoceros  accurately with one of the 5 W's - (Who, What , Where, When & Why). However, a little bit of research and a little bit of thought - brings us to this post.

So let's get started answering one of my favourite questions: "Where?" 

Where you solicit business is vital

A vital part of planning a successful business is in the ability to find a locale where you can achieve success. This is not just a question of Brick & Mortar vs. Online Commerce, but rather a question which applies to almost every facet of your business.

Think about it - once you've chosen where to operate, the next question is "from where do I source?" and then moves on to "from where do I distribute?" and don't forget this brings in other parts of the "W" collective - such as: "Who do I employ?" and "What renumeration structure do I use?". The process of always looking for your next "W" plays on a principle dear to my heart which I believe standardizes excellent business - Continuous Improvement. I'll write a whole series on it next, and I think it will do you wonders to give it a read.

The Rhinoceros Facebook

S-H-1-T. Seriously. About 23Kg per status update -  it is what Rhinos use to keep up with their neighbors. A very interesting fact about the Rhinoceros is that every Rhino has a unique know what. Actually, it is remarkable to imagine that not only can one Rhino tell "who" it is, but "how" they're doing with a few sniffs of their deposits.

How does this apply to business? Let me explain. In every instance where you communicate with your clients, you are not only saying "who" you are, but "what" you stand for, as well as every other question in the "W" collective. In fact, you even venture into the "how" about your business - that little rogue bastardized phenomenon that many business owners try to answer prematurely before they get the "Ws" out of the way. Trust me, the "How" is the least of your worries, and we'll chat about it in a later post.

So back to talking about poop - it's all about the "Where" you are. Where you poop is a tell-tale sign for everyone to find your brand. Not only that, it also is a way of speaking about what you're up to and how you're doing. In essence, how you look on Facebook is a big deal, but more important is the question "is Facebook a great place to poop on?"

Where you do your business matters

I digress, but all jokes aside, if you're using social media to incessantly post about things not even remotely relative to your brand, then not only have you missed the mark, but you're also just confusing customers. A great idea now is to sit down and form a strategy for each social media outlet you deem viable to your business. That's right, I said "each" - I hope you didn't think it would be just as easy as signing up for Hootsuite and running your mouth.

Let's not forget one of the most important "where" questions lies in "where are your customers?". You'll need to answer this first before you decide where you'll do business.

If you're stuck in a rut and need a little guidance, sit down with a professional today - we love to chat about business strategy and development, so feel free to contact us. 

I'll see you shortly for the next in this series - The "When". 

You can refer to a very informative post about Rhinos I found right here. It's remarkable.