Public Relations: Woolworths Counter the Rumors


SWITCH via@switchgroupsa:Our wool is black and white: Woolworths responds to the rumors #egnahc


It's all the buzz lately - I don't even need to tell you what this is about...but it's all part of what we do here at SWITCH - conceptualise the trends.

Woolies did a great job at responding to the rumors running through the mill lately. There have been some harsh accusations regarding recent recruiting ads that Woolworths have posted.

If you're a regular customer like myself, you've probably received communication regarding their stance on the subject. I think they did a stellar job clarifying the situation and keeping the attention focused on their intention, rather than the reaction they received by antagonists. Here's a few reasons why we at Switch believe they deserve a special shout out:


  • They responded quickly

  • They never engaged in mud-slinging

  • They addressed the rumors with facts

  • They supported facts with their company's mission

  • They addressed the greater problem throughout South Africa

Here's a clip from their correspondence:



As a born-and-bred South African company, we care deeply about the long-term sustainability of our country. With your help we've made significant contributions, through programmes like MySchool, to socio-economic development. We'll continue supporting transformation and socio-economic development because they're essential for our country's (and our company's) future.



We hope that we've answered any questions that you might have had about what's been posted on social media and reported in the media.

And the best part - it was signed by their CEO, Ian Moir. Another way of promoting the right image, from the vantage point of Public Relations.


It's always good to see a company that responds promptly and effectively. Well done Woolies!