Social Media Strategy: Klout Moments/The +K button - How it Changes the Game

Social Media Strategy via @switchgroupsa: Klout Moments/The +K Button - How it will #egnahc the GameClick on the image to see your Klout Score today!

If you haven't heard of it before, let me give you the rundown: Klout is really increasing in popularity and usability. It has loads of potential and pretty soon it will be almost everywhere you look. It's time to Switch the way you think about marketing and harness the true value of Social Media Marketing.

Reasons? I thought you'd never ask...

Klout is a system designed to generate a rated overview of your Social Media prescience: 

  • Klout has recently changed to include more than a rating based on your twitter followers and tweets
  • The system now has a more comprehensive algorithm that gauges your range if influence combined with your most relevant (and shareable) content
  • Having your Klout Score in your CV has become even more relevant when applying as Social Media Engineers, Community Managers and even Brand Management Professionals


Klout Perks: 

  • Almost every social channel on the interweb has it's own version of advertisement - Promoted Tweets, Facebook Ads, etc. - With Klout Perks, brands give YOU recognition for the influence you have in a relative market.
  • For Example: If you're into cars, Chevy might offer you a test drive so you can chat up a storm about their latest cars like the Chevy Volt.
  • It's a beautiful way to capitalise on all of your Promoter efforts


Lastly, the new Klout Moments and the +K button:

  •  Yep. You read that right. The new button. Now you can flaunt those trending topics right on your Klout profile page - the algorithm finds the content and shows off the most authoritative folks shoving your stuff around their networks
  • Packaged as "Klout Moments" and displayed top of the fold on your profile - it's a timeless tool to show off your best influential stuff


And the +K button? When it officially comes out, it will revolutionise your content sharing across multiple channels. Including the now trending Pinterest and Google+

Oh yeah...It's all coming together.

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