Foursquare for business

1) Ideal Demographics – The typical Foursquare user is one of the most desirable demographics, they tend to be young, college educated and employed. They are heavy users of online social media platforms and are actively engaging friends and acquaintances with the businesses they’re interacting with. This demographic is highly mobile, has money to spend and most importantly is very influential.  They want to be seen out and usually use Foursquare updates as rallying points for the rest of their social circles.

2) Drive More Traffic Online & Offline – Foursquare is yet another way for local business to use the efficient online tools to drive more in-person/offline activity. People are physically checking in to your business and talking about it online, which can prove to be extremely effective.

3) Make Offers – When a Foursquare user checks into a business, not only will they see the specials offered, but they will also be notified of any specials that are offered from businesses located nearby. This gives you opportunity to attract new business that you wouldn’t have necessarily had the same opportunity otherwise.

4) Track and Reward – Foursquare’s gaming functionality allows businesses to create special promotions for “Mayors” and badge earners. This also sets up a competition among their most loyal fans. By creating and communicating Foursquare’s tools and platform, you can begin to educate customers and create Foursquare advocates for your business.

5) The Power of a Game – One of the most intriguing aspects of Foursquare is that it can be perceived to be a game. It’s amazing what some people will do in order to win a game. Come in 1st or, in this case, be the Mayor of a popular spot. Gaming and entertainment are huge money makers and any small business that can find ways to add gaming elements tied to patronizing a business may just find a real competitive edge.

6) Tips and Reviews – Foursquare allows its members to leave tips for other members when they sign in to a location. Users typically leave tips on what to purchase or experience often times with a sense of purpose or humor. The brand experience becomes more personalized when a consumer can instantly connect with a previous patron and make an immediate emotional connection based on recommendations they find appealing.

7) Sync with Twitter and Facebook - Like all good social media platforms, Foursquare understood the need to integrate with platforms that others already use. Foursquare users have the option to tweet or add a Facebook status update every time they check-in. A Facebook user, with a few hundred friends, might expose your business by way of a Foursquare check-in to thousands of Facebook walls; your brand being viewed by thousands of people in a positive way can not be a bad thing.