Branding 101

Branding is a very sensitive subject for me because I find most people do all the wrong things with their brand. Let me start off by explaining why you have a Brand.


Branding comes from farmers who used to burn makes into their cattle so that they could be identified when out in the open. This, over time, had great benefits for the farmers. It meant that they could find their cattle easily but more importantly, people started to recognise good meat because of the branding. this allowed farmers that looked after their cattle well to charge a higher price because people preferred their meat.


You can see how this has lead to brands that we have today and how important it is too keep your brand consistent. Managing and controlling your brand is a very simple process. People try make is sound complicated but it is really simple.


And that is my first tip. Keep it simple. In fact, keep everything simple! The simpler it is the easier it is for customers to relate to your brand and the easier it is to make a sale. When it is complicated it confuses the customer and they never know what they should be doing. Think about it, have you ever tried to change banks? It is confusing as ever. Somehow I think the banks use that to retain customers instead of attract them.


Apple summed it all up with this advert... "Fear of switching is the basis of Customer Loyalty" NOT!!!!!




The second point it don't give insufficient information. Get to the point and get their quickly. Don't try make your message so short that customers don't know what your message is. If they don't know what you do they won't be interested it you.


The third and most important, in my opinion. Mistaken identity. Don't give people that change to confuse your brand with someone else like Trellidor and Maxidor. Keep your brand consistent, don't keep changing your logo or doing funny things with it. Also make sure your logo is easily recognisable. If it is not make sure you have your name somewhere close to your logo otherwise no one will know who you are!


Lastly is keep your positioning the same. Positioning is basically what you want your customers to perceive you as. A good of this is Wimpy. During the Soccer World Cup 2010 Wimpy aired an advert the really got South African's attention. So loved it some hated it but it got people talking and I believe it got Wimpy a good position.




But then they released this advert recently which just confuses everyone.




If you need any advice about your brand let me know, I would be more than happy to help.


Happy Branding everyone!!