Starbucks Marketing Tip 2

At the end of the Marketing tips from Apple I gave the first tip for Starbuck, a tip that most companies use and that was "Surprise and Delight."

So now it is time for tip 2:

Make it your own

This is not really a revolutionary idea but that basis of it is that employees should be able to embrace the company and act is if it was there own company. I have this saying that "Honour comes with Ownership". Basically we treat things we own with much more respect than something we don't. This might seem like a minor thing but it makes a huge difference in the way employees operate and treat the customers.

The are a few little things that you can teach your staff to do that will have a profound impact on your business.

  1. Welcoming - One of the most important things a business should do is create a welcoming atmosphere. If your customers don't feel welcome they won't want to do business with you. Studies have shown that the most successful business all have only 1 thing in common and it is a welcoming atmosphere.

  2. Names - Remember peoples names. People love it when people remember there name and people love the sound of their name. This also includes remembering things about customers, things about their family, interests and importantly what they normally buy from your business.

  3. Connect - Connect the customer with what their needs are and how you can best help them. Customers appreciate it when you connect them with their needs.

We staff embrace a company as their own they will go above and beyond the job description to make sure the company is successful. But there are two sides to this coin. The company also needs to go out of the way to ensure that staff are happy and giving every chance to grow in the company.

Starbuck give their staff a bag of coffee every week for no charge. This allows that staff to learn more about the coffee they are making and inter help then sell the right coffee to the right customer. This process give the staff a knowledge of the coffee they are selling which is vital to the selling process. If the staff know a lot about the product you trust what they are saying. The great thing about this is that even though they might put you off one product they can suggest something different that best suits your needs.

What can you do as a company to make your staff take ownership? How can you create a welcoming atmosphere? And how can you help your staff remember peoples names/personal information?

PS - I know an organisation the gets there staff to carry around blank business cards so that after they have met a new customer they can write down personal details to help remember.

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