Nando's differentiate themselves

Nando's, a small start from South Africa, has now become a very well established Brand worldwide. they have always been leaders in Branding. Their advertising has always been of a high level and are very memorable.

Yet their is one area that Nando's have always had a generic offering, and that is in the sauces they sell in grocery stores. But Nando's recently undertook to differentiate themselves and their brand.

What is so different about the bottles with the sauce in them?

Previously Nando's used a generic bottle as they were still as small company but as they have grow and expanded into more countries there has been a need to differentiate.

The new bottles add no new features, no difference in quantity. The new bottle is just to differentiate themselves from competition and also will not allow anyone to copy the bottle due to copyrights. A newly designed label that will distinguish the sauces flavour has also been created.

There is further differentiation between sauces, marinades and cooking sauces with different bottle designs and labeling.

What Nando's have done is a classic example of differentiation and is something every brand has to be aware of. They have not changed their brand in any way but have further advanced it so that it is easy to distinguish themselves from their competition.

What makes you brand different from your competition and how can you differentiate yourself?