Coke's Secret Formula

I just heard on the radio that a website has now published a photo of Coke's Secret Formula. So as a Coke fan I thought I would go check it out. I searched the internet and found the picture and found many formulas, none of which looked very convincing.

One thing I did notice was that no one knows how much sugar is in Coke! Interesting

But something I didn't find was the brilliant Marketing that Coke has done. No matter what the formula is Marketing has got to Coke where it is and keeps it there.

Remember Coke is not selling you a soft drink, they are selling you a bottle of open happiness, a status and a lifestyle.

Coke got to where it is because of brilliant Marketing from the beginning. We could almost say that Coke invented Marketing!

Coke made two big desicions that set it up for success.

The first was they were one of the first to sponsor major events. Coke decided to put a Coke sign where ever you look! Just take a look around when you go out shopping. And lets not forget Coke's association with Santa Claus.

The second is a very clever distribution line. Coke in fact doesn't even make Coke, Coke makes a concentrate that bottlers add soda water to and some sweeteners. When Coke was founded, to distribute bottles to the entire US would have been impossible. So Coke sold the rights to bottle and distribute to a company for 1 dollar. This allowed the distributor to get Coke everywhere because they had bottling plants all over America.

Coke has since then repurchased most of the bottling plants because of the popularity of soda fountains.

So next time someone tells you about Coke's secret formula you let them know that the secret formula is Brilliant Marketing!