Taxi's (Best Customer Service)

I want to start picking apart Brands from South Africa and giving you some insight into problems and opportunities that they face which will help us with our own marketing strategies.

I know that Taxi's (mimi bus taxi's, not the original taxi's) aren't really a brand (there is an opportunity if I ever saw one) and I know most of us hate them because they stop all over the place and they look so unsafe. But after all that I have to say that we are not their target market so why should they care?
In fact if you look at it from their target market perspective they have the best customer service in South Africa!!
The target market requires transport from A to B at a cheap price! Nothing about safety.... I must just state that I don't agree with the Taxi industry in South Africa but we can still learn from them.
They deliver on transport so well that they will stop ANYWHERE to pick you up or drop you off. DHL and UPS can't even offer that kind of service! Blind rise, middle of the road, in a circle(roundabout) and even on the freeway - It is an experience to watch a taxi driver go from 140km/h in the fast lane to 0km/h on the side of the road within about 100 meters.
Here is the question we need to take from all this. What kind of service are we giving our customers?
Remember satisfied customers eventually become Loyal customers.


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