Random thoughts on Brands

I just had an idea to write somethings about brand I have been in contact with, so this will hopefully become regular.

My first Brand I want to deal with is Pick 'n Pay. I am specifically talking about the one in Ballito but this could apply to any Pick 'n Pay.

Something about Pick 'n Pay's brand just doesn't make sense to me. It seems like they appeal to the everyday person but I know they consider Woolworths their biggest competition. If that is true then they are way off the mark. They might be cheaper but their quality is terrible!

The Ballito store doesn't even look nice. It looks so dirty and tired. They have hardly any choice. The only reason I shop there is because of Discovery health but I am slowly realising that it doesn't save any money because Checkers who are 200 meters any have a great variety of product, they are cheaper and their store is clean and attractive.

It seams like the Discovery health benefits with Pick 'n Pay actually only benefit those people with a Discovery Credit Card (another brand I will talk about soon).

My wife has been telling for months that we should shop one month at Checkers and compare how much we spend and see if we are saving anything by shopping at Pick 'n Pay. But today I realised that we probably aren't saving that much. Even if we do end up paying more at least we have a great variety of choice.

Pick 'n Pay's brand just doesn't fit anywhere. If they are competing with Woolworths then they should try be better that Spar! This is how I see it...

Woolworths: A premium supermarket with little choice but great quality (who needs choice when everything is the best).

Spar: A little cheaper than Woolworths but good quality and a great variety.

Pick 'n Pay: Cheap products, cheap quality and little choice!

Checkers: Average quality, good price, great variety.

Pick 'n Pay you are getting left behind and Discovery is keeping you in the game.

PS: Have you ever noticed how ugly the tiles look in Pick 'n Pay? Presentation is everything!

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