Joke for today - Mike Sutcliffe

I just saw the front page of The Mercury (news pager in Durban) and on the front page is an article entitled - "Why Sharks haven't moved to new stadium."

I did read the whole thing in detail but just skimmed through it. But what really got my attention was the last paragraph which says:

"Sutcliffe said the city had involved rugby experts during the design of the new stadium and was confident that Moses Mabhida was also a good rugby stadium."

I find this really funny. Who are these so called experts? And why didn't they just consult The Sharks cause after all they will be the ones using the stadium. And I am pretty confident that the rugby union in the world at marketing know what their spectators want.

I am also sure that their spectators want to be close to the field, not 20 meters away in the front row!

And what about this big hole in the stadium. What are kickers going to think? And the prevailing straight into this big hole. I wonder if these rugby experts have ever kicker a rugby ball!

So rugby is not really an option, what about cricket, the next biggest sport to be able to use it. They designed the stadium so that it could host cricket games, but guess what, It is too small! and cricket South Africa had to get permission from the ICC to play a 20/20 game there.

Why can't Mike Sutcliffe just admit that they designed the stadium for soccer and NOTHING else!

I could have given you better advice than these so called rugby experts. All you have to do is take a trip down to ANZ Stadium in Sydney. the Australians were clever enough to design a stadium that can be used for all codes of sport. So how did they get is right?

Simple. Just make to stands move to fit the field size you need. It is amazing!

Don't get me wrong I think Moses Mabhida is an amazing stadium, it just wants built for the people with the potential to use it the most.

What do you think?

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