CellC and Trevor Noah

So Everyone is having their say about CellC marketing campaign with Trevor Noah so I thought I would share my 2 cents as a Marketing Student...

So here is the deal if you missed it.
This video was posted on YouTube:
Tevor Noah CellC

A couple days later this advert appeared in the Sunday Times:

Of course people picked up on this and started talking, creating what marketers call buzz. Word of Mouth Marketing is still the best.

Then CellC have a media conference and rebrands itself.
CellC announce that Trevor Noah will be working with them to improve their network by using the website www.telltrevor.co.za

If you haven't worked it out yet but the whole thing was a set up by CellC months before. So now you are up to date!

Now there has been a lot of talk in online communities about it and people complaining that it was all a set up.

So here is my 2 cents:

CellC did a great job with creating buzz and getting attention to relaunch their brand otherwise it would have gone unnoticed. Yes it was a set up but lets look at the whole thing properly.

Did they lie? NO
Did they make a promise they can't keep? NO

So what did they do? Well, they apologised for the terrible service in South African cell phone networks. By the way that is more than Vodacom and MTN have done. At least CellC admitted that they are bad.
To me that is a good start. I would rather do business with a company that admits their faults and tries to change them than with a company that does nothing! Now that is NOT AYOBA!

So what if they set the whole thing up? Most people in South Africa won't even know that and for those of us who do what difference does it make? Why can't we just say that it was set up well. Have you ever tried to get enough people to watch a video on YouTube to create a viral marketing campaign?

I admit that the logo is a bit confusing but heck they have a good point in saying they are putting the C(customer) in the center. Great marketing!

And the funny thing about all of this is everyone is talking about CellC, you are all playing right into their hands! 95% of people will hear the story and go and look at CellC website and compare their contracts? You are all talking about CellC and creating work of mouth marketing! Sorry to say but the joke is on you bloggers and people on social media!

CellC have done a great marketing job so far but I admit that they need to do some more work.

My biggest problem with cellphone companies is how confusing their contracts are...

Have you ever been onto a cellphone networks website. CellC have so many different contract offering and they are all so confusing. Why can't they just make it simple. Like either you want a pre-paid or a contract. And then with a contract how many free minutes do you want? 

Instead they have all these custom names for contracts which make it confusing! Make it simple. Take a page out of Apple's book. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple he cut their product offering almost in half and his reason was it was to complicated for people to choose what computer they wanted so they didn't buy. He made buying simple by cutting away all the extra's that people don't need to know.

CellC should do this. It would be a great competitive advantage.

Something else they could do it, like Trevor said, Have REAL phone on display in their stores!! Another competitive advantage. Once again learn from Apple. Forget about sales in your stores and focus on user experience with your offerings.

So that is my opinion. I am with Vodacom and the only reason I haven't moved to CellC is their product offering is to confusing and as much as they say they are working on the network I still don't think it is as good as the others. I need some more convincing.

That is my 2 cents worth.
Keep it real!