Apple Buyers Guide

It seems like you are all very interested in when to buy Apple products and I thought I would do something a bit more in depth going forward.

As I said in my previous blog Apple has a number of conferences a year. Most of them has already happened with WWDC having ended a few weeks ago. Here we saw the launch of the iPhone 4 and iOS 4. Nothing that we weren't expecting although as I will share later Apple will always go above and beyond!

And in the last week the update of the Mac Mini. This also give us some clues as to what Apple will be doing in the future...

So there are, by my guess, only two Apple conferences left in 2010. One is September and on in October. So what can we except at these conferences

September we will see new iPod's.

iPod Classic - This is a very hard product to predict but my guess is we could see some big changes as this product has seen little change in the past. But then again it caters for a specific group of people, so... We will see more space, Up to 240GB hard drives. Don't take my word for it but this could be a surprise change.

iPod Touch - The form won't change much. Expect something similar to the new iPhone with up to 120Gb hard drives, maybe a video camera. Nothing major.

iPod Nano - This is another product that is hard to predict as apple has a habit of change this product a lot to boost sales. What you can expect is bigger hard drives. Maybe going for a full touch screen, Ipod touch nano maybe. If that is the case expect a name change.... iTouch Nano????

iPod Shuffle - Once again Apple likes changing this to boost sales. Expect a change in form, maybe a screen, and obviously a bigger hard drive.

What else can you expect? Apple has a clever move that they do during this time. Remember Apple never bring a product to market without testing to see if people like it. So what does this mean? You can expect Apple to quietly release new Macbooks at this time which will also give us a clue to what is to come. Since Apple just released an update I think we will see a major updates at the conference in October.

October Conference

This is when Apple usually release new Macbook Pro's. Since we haven't seen any major changes to either of these products I think we are in for something. Expect small changes to the iMac, bigger hard drives....

There is always the possibility of a new Mac Pro and Cinema Displays.

My guess is that we will see something to do with multi touch and how it can be used with desktop computers. It is after all the only Apple product range that doesn't have multi touch.

And that would be updates to ever product the offer in 2010!