Blue Security do One Thing Better!

Earlier today I wrote about how Apple always do one thing better and I found a good example while driving in my car when I heard this advert by Blue Security.

Blue Security from Michael Robert on Vimeo.

 It is so simple and yet so very true. Anybody can install an alarm for free but how quickly can you respond is what is actually important. If you want to be successful in the armed response business you have to respond quickly, not install free alarms.

With so many security companies offering free alarms, Blue Security had to do something different to stand out and they did exactly that. They did ONE THING BETTER! They respond quicker.

The number one thing a company can do to be successful is to satisfy customers. If you can get that right your business will do well. Blue Security have proved this. How do you make customers satisfied in the armed response industry? You guessed it, respond quickly. It is so simple. That is why Blue Security are rated Durban's number one security company!

I think this is one of the best bit of marketing I have seen by a security company. So good in fact that I think I am 100% brand loyal to a brand I have never used. I have an alarm system installed in my house, but I don't have armed response because I can't afford it but I can say that when I can afford it I WILL use Blue Security.

So far Blue Security has met both the tips I have shown you that Apple use( they don't sell product, they do sell security and peace of mind; and they do one thing better) and I can tell you that they met all 5 of the tips.

Brilliant marketing by Blue Security, all the best to you and a big thank you for helping me get the right audio and logo.

Give Blue Security a call on 031 717 5000 or visit them at

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