Branding your car...

I have been considering how much benefit branding on your car can be. I have no doubt that it is great marketing if done correctly. Here are 2 tips:

1 - Make it make your car look nice. I have see so many cars looking like rainbows and they achieve nothing. Some you can't even get the number or the website. Just a side not... if you are going to brand your car it would a worth getting a website with a nice easy address to remember.

2 - Drive properly. I can't tell you how many people have put me off their business because they drive so badly. I admit I drive badly but I don't have a companies reputation on the line. I have actually see someone with a branded car block John Smit (the Springbok captain) off after a rugby game. John Smit drove past us after it happened and said he will never use that company ever.

Having a branded car is like being on Social Media, You have limited control of your brand but maximum exposure. So make sure you consider this decision carefully.

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