Marketing tips from Apple

I will be posting a few tip about marketing the the great Apple. All this information I have received from Steve Chazin who can be found at

Tip #1

Don't Sell Product - People buy what other people have.

This is a very simple principle and marketing is always doing this without saying it. Apple has mastered this concept for years, just take a trip to YouTube and look and all the iPod adverts. There is nothing about what and iPod is or what it can do. Just video of people having a great time. The iPod is more advanced than any other MP3 player yet Apple doesn't boast about it. What they imply is that if you use an iPod you will have a great time.

Also think about the white earphones. White earphones are not great design but clever marketing. Every time you see someone wearing white earphones you think they are listening to an iPod. Doesn't that make you want to wear white earphones to fit in?

I will be blogging about a book called Cult Branding and you will see this principle come up again with a slightly different view.

Something I learn from Josh Bonnet from Hillsong Church is that when doing marketing do tell people HOW they use your product buy WHY they should use your product. This is a similar concept to what Apple do.

Always remember "LESS IS MORE" when it comes to marketing. The harder you try the less effective it will be.

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