Nando's show Cell C how it is done.

Recently Nando's created and advert to show Cell C how to make an advert become word of mouth. In fact it worked so well that I heard about the Nando's advert before I saw it.

Here is the Cell C advert which was met with mixed reactions and is probably the reason Nando's reacted.

And here is how Nando's reacted...

So there are a couple of questions I have considered about Nando's reaction which I have answered below.

Will the Nando's ad be pulled? I think there is a chance that someone will complain to the Advertising Standards Authority but I don't think it will be Cell C. Remember they are also getting a bit of marketing out of this as people are talking, so I don't think the it will be pulled.

Is Nando's taking a dig at Cell C? I don't believe so. They are in different markets so I believe that Nando's are being clear and using something that has got a bit of attention recently. Brilliant marketing by Nando's as always.

I have to admit that I think Nando's has just given Cell C a lesson on how to do great marketing that gets attending and is spoken about. This is a perfect example of an advert going viral. Cell C only got, at most, 15 000 views on YouTube in almost 3 months. Nando's has over 25 000 views in 3 days!

So the lesson, if you want to go viral, is to create something relevant. Most of the time humour is the best way to get attention. By taking a serious event and adding humour to it is what Nando's are brilliant at doing.

Here is a list of references to Cell C in the Nando's advert. If you notice anymore leave a comment.


  1. Using a Comedian

  2. CEO (Cell C - Customer Experience Officer, Nando's - Chicken Excellence Officer)

  3. Cell C are changing, Nando's are not!

  4. Cell C - 4Gs (4 Great service), Nando's - 5Gs (5 Great Sauces)

  5. I'm watching you! (Cell C - like a hawk, Nando's - like a chicken)

  6. Cell C change their logo, Nando's are keeping their logo

  7. But the best has to be the use of the © in the Nando's advert. And this is perfectly legal as Nando's can't copyright the copyright sign.


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