Facebook vs Twitter

This has been a long time coming but it is finally here.

I often talk to people and tell them they need to get on to Twitter and they respond by saying that Twitter is just a Facebook status. Let me say right up front that in no way are they like Facebook status. This problem comes because people treat Twitter like Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter are fundamentally different in their make up and you need to know this so you can decide how to use each one.

Facebook is a social network and is about socialising with people you know. I think we all understand this pretty well.

Twitter is an Information network and is more about information than socialising. I don't follow my friends on Twitter because more of them are boring. I don't need to read their status updates on Twitter and Facebook! So please don't link your Twitter and Facebook.

I follow people that are of interest to me and provide information about topics that I like to read about. And in some cases it has lead to me becoming friends with these people on Facebook.

So which one should you be on? That is up to you depending on what you want to get out of it. If Twitter is boring it is because you aren't using it correctly.

Which one should my business be on? I would say both but the two need different strategies to maximise your reach. 

Before you jump in and start doing something it is my recommendation that you consult an expert because if you just start using them without knowing what you are doing you could make a big mess and what goes on in the internet says on the internet.

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